A film featuring actor John Rhys-Davies was back in the Falls for filming on Friday.

The Welsh actor was on hand at Niagara Falls State Park to film scenes for the upcoming film "Prick'd."

Rhys-Davies, best-known for his roles as the dwarf Gimli in The Lord of the Rings films and as Sallah in two Indiana Jones films, plays Cupid, the Greek god of love in the low-budget dark comedy about finding love at all costs.

Producer Larry J. Tish recently described the project as a “cross between ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,” and described Rhys-Davies’ character as a “disgruntled cupid."

In the film, Rhys-Davies character is charged with helping David, portrayed by Shane Nepveu ("Boardwalk Empire," "Red Oakes"), win over Denise, played by local actress Christine Turturro. Rhys-Davies is by far the biggest name attached to the project.

Working with a team of film scouts, Tish and the film crew identified over a half a dozen locations to fit the needs of the script: the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, their Polish Cadet’s hall in north Buffalo, Attilio’s Salon & Spa and St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, both in Kenmore; Sweetness 7 Cafe and Gypsy Parlor bar, both on the West Side of Buffalo.

Tish said that two weeks ago, film crews shot scenes outside the Bear’s Den Showroom and in a 22nd floor suite at the casino.

“Prick’d,” a production of Love Hurtz, LLC, is scheduled for release sometime next fall.

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