Whirpool Jet boat Tours is about to get some amazing exposure Tuesday.

The binational business that transports boaters between Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, and Lewiston will be featured on the season finale of the reality television hit “The Amazing Race” on CBS.

The finale of the show’s eighth season is expected to draw between 20 million and 22 million viewers.

For local tourism officials, the Niagara region’s coveted spot as the backdrop of the show’s finale was kept a secret until one of them caught a shot of a jet boat during a promotion at the end of last Tuesday’s installment.

“I was sitting Tuesday night watching the show,” said John Percy, vice president of marketing at the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp., “I immediately called Andrew.”

Andrew is Andrew Mordan, who works for Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours.

Mordan explained to Percy that he was sworn to secrecy.

One of the few things Percy was able to glean was that the boat transported the teams from Niagara-on-the Lake to the U.S. side of the river after they flew into Toronto.

A Whirlpool Jet Boat representative could not be reached to comment.

Unlike other television shows, which actively engage local tourism promoters, Percy said he was left out of the loop on this one.

For the boat company, and the region, the exposure the show can bring to an area isn’t something that can be bought.

In addition to showing household members around the country to the wonders of the falls and the beauty of the Niagara Gorge, the CBS Web site features details about every location the show visits.

Before Percy learned that the region he promotes would be featured on the show, he liked to watch it to learn about other destinations.

The news that the show filmed the finale here isn’t a complete surprise.

The Niagara Gazette reported Aug. 1 that a Niagara University student and a friend had spotted CBS crews tracking people who appeared to be on the move at Niagara Falls. At that point, the season hadn’t begun airing, and it wasn’t known that it was the finale that was being filmed at the cataract.

The pair reported seeing a group of four people — two adults and two children — run down the stairs at Terrapin Point to a wooden box on a post in the middle of a field.

Family members grabbed an envelope from the box.

“They ripped it open and read it pretty quick,” said Ian Tweedie, who was visiting the falls that day. “They seemed to be excited about it.”

Whether Niagara will be the location of the show’s finish line, or just a stop along the way, won’t be revealed until the show airs.

This year’s season has featured families with four family members who have traveled around North America in the hopes of winning $1 million.

Going into Tuesday’s show, three teams remain, including one Western New Yorker.

Though the four Linz siblings hail from Cincinnati, 24-year-old Nick lives in Buffalo.

In “Race” teams travel from checkpoint to checkpoint with limited budgets, having to complete challenges and avoid being the last group to arrive at a given destination or else face elimination.

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