On the seventh day of December, Michele Lachiusa gave her husband two baby boys.

One baby girl.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

The Town of Niagara resident gave birth to triplets Wednesday at Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

William Anthony, Gianna Marie and Ronald Jr. were born via Cesarean section at 2:09, 2:10 and 2:11 p.m., respectively.

Three days later, proud — and exhausted — new father Ronald Lachiusa still showed signs of sticker shock.

“It’s exciting, and it’s different,” he said. “And it’s more expensive now.”

But the couple has some built-in help. The Lachiusa triplets join siblings Robert, 16; Beau, 13; and Chelsey, 9.

“My daughter busted out crying when she saw them,” Michele said. “She was so overwhelmed and so happy. Seeing them — it’s so much more real now.”

Susan Capton of Lewiston is also a mother of triplets with three older children. Ezekiel, Faith and Gabrielle are 3-year-old triplets. Older siblings are 18-year-old Schuyler and 15-year-old Taylor Anne Chew. Big brother Billy Capton is 9 years old.

Susan said having help from the older children, as well as support from her church, is the key to raising the triplets.

“The Lord did it that way on purpose,” she said. “I couldn’t do it without my older kids and my church and my family.”

Schuyler offered some advice to the older Lachiusa kids:

“(The triplets) are the center of attention once they’re born, but it settles down,” he said. “All the kids chip in, and sometimes it gets a little hectic and crazy, but it’s fun. Once they get used to it, it’ll run like clockwork.”

William Lengen of Youngstown, Michele Lachiusa’s father, said the triplets make grandchildren Nos. 16, 17 and 18. But who’s counting?

“It’s just in time for Christmas,” Lengen said. “It’s the first time for the family (to have multiples). We don’t have any twins or triplets at all, and we’re a big family.”

Michele, 36, underwent in vitro fertilization to conceive the babies, and four embryos were implanted.

“What I was told was that I’d be lucky if one ‘took,’ ” she said. “We ended up with three. What more can you ask for than three babies at once?”

Ronald said he was surprised when he found out his wife was going to have triplets.

“They said they wouldn’t take,” he said. “I was shocked. I was in disbelief. I still am.”

If there is such a thing as an easy pregnancy, Michele certainly didn’t have one. She developed gestational diabetes and has been on bedrest at Children’s since Oct. 19. Michele said she depended on the nurses for a lot of help.

“They really took care of me,” said Michele, who plans to return to work at Yellow Transportation in Tonawanda. “I had to try to take it easy, and the hospital was awesome here.”

Ronald said he would take care of Michele upon her release from the hospital, scheduled for todayDec11.

“I’m going to maybe buy her a mother’s ring,” he said. “But not too many diamonds.”

Of course not — he has three babies to feed now.