One might consider a calendar to be a sweet gesture and helpful, but not a huge gift. If the calendar featured important dates like “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” and deadlines to apply for Medicare coverage, then maybe it will be pinned up on the wall, replacing any calendar featuring puppies.

But, to be on such a calendar – and paid for your modeling services – that’s no small deal. Buffalo 60 Strong is that calendar.

“The calendar is showing that life in your sixties can be a vibrant and active period of time,” said Laura Nelson, Buffalo 60 Strong even coordinator. “Seniors in their 60s are people who are retiring, but it’s not time to sit at home and watch tv all day. When you’re in your sixties, you can go out and your can start things. You can pick up a sport for the first time, pick up a hobby for the first time. You could be running marathons. It’s a time in your life where they’re saying, ‘It’s not about what I can’t, it’s about what I can,’ and that’s something we’re promoting,”

Nelson said Buffalo 60 Strong is actively looking for nominees to appear in the calendar, who are 60-69 years old and inspirational for their friends and family. The seniors may be from anywhere within WNY, including Niagara County To submit a nomination, visit Deadlines for mailed-in entries should be postmarked by August 27. Electronic entries must be submitted by midnight on August 31. 

“Buffalo Medical Group is excited to introduce Buffalo 60 Strong, a public service initiative honoring inspirational seniors who make health a priority in their lives,” said Dr. John Notaro, medical director of Senior Care Advantage One and primary care physician. “Many of our winners may have overcome health obstacles and other challenges. The 2021 calendar will be released in conjunction with Senior Care Advantage One, a new program that offers high level quality care for seniors.”

The 60 Strong calendar has been implemented in a few other cities including Dayton, Ohio; Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and Austin, Texas, Nelson said.

“This summer it’s happening in Wilmington, North Carolina,as well as, Toledo, Ohio,” Nelson said. “We have a few that are happening across the U.S., so we’re definitely happy to be in Buffalo to meet inspirational seniors here.”

Seniors can be nominated by filling out an application form and writing a 200-400 word essay about their nominees.

“The seniors that win, they appear on the calendar, but they’re also ambassadors to the community,” Nelson said. “These are people that are healthy and fit, and give back to the community, but they serve as role models. The goal is that they show other people how to prioritize their health and they inspire other people to get out there and get active, and keep moving.”

Winners will participate in a five to seven hour professional photo shoot, where Nelson said they are treated like celebrities. For each hour, they’ll be paid $75.

“Seniors have more options than ever before. They are also at a point in t heir lives where they are navigating difficult healthcare decisions. They are seeking the best quality of healthcare because that is what they deserve. Our winners demonstrate how life in you sixties can be vibrant and active,” Notaro said.

Nelson added the time for such a calendar is definitely here.

“With the pandemic, we keep hearing over and over that if you are over 65, you are part of this vulnerable population and I know this has been difficult for seniors, and I know it’s been difficult for the state of New York,” Nelson said. “So to be focusing on something where we can celebrate seniors after a time where it’s been very hard is something we’ve been looking forward to.”

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