By Joseph Kissel

This time it’s a Japanese invasion, and there’s a lot more than just four.

The Japanese beetles plaguing area homeowners and gardeners this summer aren’t your average crop.

"The last time we had this many was 10 years ago," said master gardener and educator John Farfaglia at Niagara County’s Cornell Cooperative Extension.

"Typically, we get calls from one or two areas," he said. "But this year, we’ve heard from every town in the county."

However, Grand Island hasn't gotten hit that hard, according to Terry Hutchins, manager of Garden Island Center on Alvin Road.

"We've had years when it's been much worse," he said. "Buffalo's getting hammered, but I haven't had as many customers come in with that problem."

But the island hasn't been spared completely.

If it's your trees that are ailing, sometimes its hard to see because Japanese beetles start up top and work down.

But some people have definitely been noticing their trees are looking brown and sickly with leaves sporting the "invisible" look.

Of course, it’s easier to see what’s eating your prized roses or other beautiful plant.

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