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A town woman called police about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday to report a possible burglary in progress.

When Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, the woman said she heard a noise outside and saw a man running from the garage in her backyard.

The woman went outside and found her bicycle and a drill sitting in the grass near the garage as deputies arrived. The woman’s husband arrived home shortly thereafter and immeadiatly went into the garage to see if anything was missing.

The man told deputies no tools or any items were taken but a Crown Royal whiskey bag containing $40,000 was gone.

The man said his wife’s bike as well as a lawnmower were moved from in front of the area where the bag was usually stored.

The man told deputies no one knew the money was in the garage except his wife who has seen him come home from work each night, go in the garage and hide the money. He said he’s never actually told his wife what he was doing in the garage.

The man then told deputies he suspected his wife had taken the money because she has done so in the past. The man said during a previous time when they were going through marital problems, she broke into his safe and took $67,000 but he was  able to get back $42,000.

The husband said the couple later resolved their issues and did not finalize the divorce, however, due to recent monetary issues that his wife was currently having he believes that she was in need of cash.

Deputies confronted the woman about the money and she denied taking it but did appear nervous.

Deputies said if she did take the money it wasn’t a crime as the money is marital property.

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