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Film lovers watch 'Father of the Bear' at The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival held at the Four Seasons Cinema in 2017.

Four Seasons Cinema, a popular discount theater in the Town of Niagara, has announced that it will be closing its doors next month.

In a message posted to both its website and its Facebook page, the locally owned cinema announced that it will be closing its doors in early August and thanked its loyal customers for many years of business. The message said that the theater will be closing due to the increasing costs of keeping up with the evolving technology required to properly display digital films.

"After years of steadily declining business, the great costs of keeping up with the technology of digital films and the increase of movie audiences consuming more content at home, we can no longer continue to tread water," the message reads. "We sincerely appreciate all of your loyalty these many years and hope you have as many wonderful memories of our family theater as we do."

With prices at chain theaters on the rise, tickets to a Friday night show at the competition is just shy of $12, Friday night tickets for a movie at the Four Seasons cost only $5, or $3 on Tuesdays. In their message, the theater reminded its customers to use any gift cards before the close.

The theater also paid homage to Dan Chamberlin, Four Seasons' long-time manager who passed away in 2017. The message posted to their website referred to Chamberlin as the "life-blood of our theater" and said he is sorely missed.

News of the theater's closing spread quickly on Facebook, collecting nearly 240 comments and 880 shares within two hours of being posted.

Customers of the theater and those who remember visiting it as children said they were saddened to hear of the impending closure and thanked the Four Seasons for years of memories.

One commenter said he had his first kiss at the theater while another remembered taking her daughter there to see her first movie in a theater. Others thanked the theater for trying to keep their prices affordable.

Anyone wishing to catch a movie at the Four Seasons Cinema before it closes can view showtimes at www.fourseasonscinema.com. The theater is located at 2429 Military Road.

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