The FBI returned to Niagara Falls City Hall on Monday.

Several city officials confirmed to the Niagara Gazette that FBI agents paid a visit to the Main Street municipal building. The nature of the visit was not made clear Monday, although city officials confirmed the agents paid a visit to the office of the city's landlord registration clerk. 

"I can confirm there were FBI agents at city hall today conducting routine interviews as part of an on-going investigation." FBI spokeswoman Maureen Dempsey said. "Beyond that, we have no comment on any specifics of that investigation."

Sources told the Gazette, FBI agents were looking for  Randy Ubriaco, the city's former landlord registration clerk.

When contacted Monday night, Ubiaco said that he had been told about the FBI's visit during the 4 p.m. session of the City Council meeting and that he doesn't know what information the agency is seeking.

"I have nothing to say at this point because I have yet to talk to them," Ubriaco said.

Mayor Paul Dyster said only that he was informed that FBI agents had visited the building, but said they did not come to his office. He indicated he would cooperate with federal investigators as needed. 

"My administration has pledged to work cooperatively with the FBI in anyway we can in an effort to cleanup corruption in Niagara Falls," he said, declining further comment. 

Up until a few weeks ago, the landlord registration clerk's job was held by Ubriaco, a member of both the city's planning and tourism advisory boards. Ubriaco was hired to oversee the landlord registration program in the spring of 2010. City officials said Ubriaco was replaced as clerk several weeks ago by Raymond Dashineau who scored higher in a civil service exam tied to the job.  

The controversial landlord registry program, which was targeted by critics as being too costly and restrictive, took effect May 1, 2010. It requires rental building owners who do not occupy their properties to register with the city at least every two years or face possible fines. The landlord registration program clerk is tasked with processing applications for registration, keeping track of delinquent filers and performing other related duties. 

Ubriaco previously worked as a temporary assistant in the code enforcement department. He is also a licensed insurance broker who sells insurance through his own company, R-U Planning. In 2007, he ran for office as the endorsed Republican in the race for the Niagara County Legislature’s Third District in Niagara Falls. He lost the election to Democrat and former Third District Legislator Jason Cafarella.

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