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LOCKPORT — A Falls man facing attempted murder and other charges after a shooting incident involving a pair of Falls narcotics detectives finally has a lawyer.

Lockport defense attorney George V.C. Muscato has been assigned to represent Carl Lightfoot. 

The appointment follows weeks of efforts to find someone to represent Lightfoot, 34, after both the county Public Defender’s Office and its Conflicts Office had to withdraw from the case.

A potential witness in the case was previously represented by both offices. 

Lightfoot faces charges of first- and second-degree attempted murder, attempted first-degree assault, second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, first-degree reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and second-degree obstructing governmental administration. He has been jailed without bail since his arrest.

Falls police narcotics detectives, acting on information that Lightfoot was in possession of a handgun, approached him and another individual outside a Highland Avenue deli just before 5 p.m. on Feb. 4. One of the detectives saw that the second individual had a handgun stuck in the waistband of his pants.

“They had information that one of the suspects (Lightfoot) had a gun,” Falls Police Superintendent Bryan DalPorto said following the incident. “When they approached (both suspects), a struggle ensued and then a foot chase.”

The second suspect was able to run into the deli and lock the door. At that time, Lightfoot began to run down Easton Drive and into the Jordan Gardens housing complex, according to police.

As both detectives pursued Lightfoot, he pulled out a handgun and fired at them. Police said one of the detectives then returned the fire.

“One of the detectives fired back at (Lightfoot), twice,” DalPorto said following the incident. “Neither the detectives nor (Lightfoot) were struck.”

Lightfoot then broke into a home on Ninth Street and refused to come out. Police surrounded the residence, which was occupied by people who did not know Lightfoot.

The residents said Lightfoot grabbed a cup, filled it with water, drank it and then walked outside and surrendered to police.

Lightfoot told the detectives and other officers that he had swallowed as much as an ounce of crack cocaine. He was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, where he was hospitalized for several days while the crack was absorbed into his body.

Investigators later recovered the semi-automatic handgun Lightfoot used to fire at the detectives inside the Ninth Street home. The gun had malfunctioned, preventing Lightfoot from firing additional rounds.

A trace of the weapon showed that it had been stolen from the Town of Newcastle, Pa.

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