Falls police are investigating claims that a Niagara Falls High School teacher has been involved in an inappropriate, possibly sexual, relationship with a student.

Police Superintendent John Chella, who declined to discuss any details of the case, did confirm the investigation began earlier this week.

“We are investigating some allegations,” he said. “We’re trying to determine if they are true and if so, what violations of the law would have occurred.”

Chella said he expected the investigation to pick up speed in the coming week.

The school district issued a press release late Friday afternoon stating “an allegation of professional misconduct has been made regarding a district employee. An investigation is taking place and all appropriate steps are being taken.”

In addition, the release stated, “to protect all parties involved, the district will have no comment during the period of the investigation.”

Sources close to the school district told the Gazette Friday an underage female student at the high school told a friend about a possible sexual relationship with a male teacher. The girl’s parents were notified and they lodged a complaint with the district. The teacher was suspended earlier this week, sources said.

School officials declined to comment further or address the allegations, but school district attorney Maria Massaro said parents should not worry as the investigation does not involve a safety issue for students.

“This isn’t a situation where the schools or the children are in danger,” she said.

School officials expect to discuss the matter at Thursday’s Board of Education meeting, the press release said.

Reporter Rick Pfeiffer contributed to this report.

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