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The property tax rate in Niagara County will drop, while the collections generated by that rate will rise if the county Legislature adopts a proposed 2022 budget from County Manager Rick Updegrove in December.

The spending plan unveiled by Updegrove calls for the property tax rate to drop by 4.4% to $6.20 per thousand dollars assessed valuation. But the county manager projects that rate, and an expected 4% increase in sales tax collections, yielding $74.7 million, will bring in $88,205,039 to the general fund in 2020.

That's a 2.77% increase from the county's 2020 budget.

"We are still below the state tax cap," Updegrove said. "We have never passed a budget above the cap, I think it's safe to assume this budget will not exceed the cap for the 11th straight year."

County expenditures will rise by an estimated 2.66% though Updegrove said much of the increased spending the county will experience will be offset by state and federal aid. The county manager said some of those offsets will take place in the areas of foster care, bridge maintenance and Covid aid.

While there are no layoffs planned, the county will see a reduction in both full-time and part-time positions. He said some part-time jobs are also being restructured into full-time jobs because of difficulty in attracting applicants for part-time work.

"Given the inflationary pressures we are experiencing, we feel we have controlled our spending in a reasonable manner to produce a prudent, fiscally responsible budget," Updegrove said.

A public hearing in the budget is set for Dec. 7.

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