Contractor hopes new gig has him laughing all the way to the bank

Dave Holstrom stands in front of one of his trucks holding a residential friendly dumpster. Holstrom is the owner of the Bin There, Dump franchise in Lewiston. (Photo by Benjamin Joe)

LEWISTON — As he tells it, Dave Holstrom says he was a contractor in the Lewiston area who was starting to realize that 10 years from now, he wouldn’t want to be swinging a hammer for a living. With that in mind, he started researching different franchises to buy into and thought it out a lot before making his decision.

Now he is the proud owner of the Lewiston branch of Bin There, Dump That, a residential dumpster service that has 200 offices in the U.S. and Canada, but his is the very first in New York. Holstrom said the name actually attracted him. 

“It was pretty clever, and I just thought, it made me laugh so it’s going to make someone laugh at it and that might get them to buy one,” Holstrom said. “The name was definitely a hard selling point.”

“We’re just starting to get out there, people are just starting to see the name and the bright green dumpsters,” Holstrom continued.

Another big selling point for Holstrom’s new business is the residential friendly dumpsters he supplies. Holstrom said that most roll-off companies can’t get into the smaller, tougher areas that his trucks can unload their dumpsters into.

“They have the big roll-off dumpsters that pretty much take up your whole driveway.” Holstrom said. “When I was looking at this business, the attraction was that when you see all the driveways in Niagara Falls, you know those small driveways. Somebody is doing a renovation and they get a roll-up, they have to park in the street for a week. We can get it back in there.”

Each dumpster has the footprint of a minivan and are taller than most dumpsters in the area, Holstrom said. They also have double-door gates that make it easier in a smaller space as well because the door isn’t swinging in a wide arc where buildings or cars might be. 

Bin There, Dump That are located on South 5th St. in the Village of Lewison right above where the Department of Transportation (DOT) has their offices in what was once a dental office. Holstrom said that most of his dumpsters, especially the smallest size, are mostly used for landscaping as well as renovations for residents.

“I live here (in Lewiston) and I’ve worked here, I was a contractor. It’s a good place,” Holstrom said.

More information can be found by calling 246-2136.

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