Community Currency program launching in Falls

The Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative is set to launch Niagara Falls Community Currency today. The new program is an organized exchange system where members earn time for helping other community members. Members can exchange hours of service they want or need with the time or hours they have made.

Niagara Falls Community Currency keeps track of service offers, requests, exchanges, and earnings through an online database called hOurworld, an international network of neighbors helping neighbors.

The Collaborative continues to address the economic hardships in Niagara Falls and the number of residents living in poverty by engaging residents in hard-to-reach neighborhoods. Community Currency aims to make sure every single one of these residents has an opportunity to share their talent, receive services and build community pride.

Co-chair and Change Agent at the CHNFC, Evelyn Harris, believes the program will promote self-sufficiency and community engagement in the city’s North End.

“Members will receive one time bank hour for each hour of service,” she said. “We’re excited for the program to grow as it’s a great way for community members to support one another with common needs. Members can even use their ‘time’ to grocery shop.”

CHNFC is hosting an online launch event for Niagara Falls Community Currency at noon today via Zoom where community members can learn how to enroll online and how to use the online system. The public must sign up for the online launch event at: .

Community Currency is a 100% community run initiative, promoting community conversations, clean ups, Zoom meetings, and community based interviews to create an environment built on self-sufficiency and community pride. Those skilled in legal help, cleaning, hairdressing, tutoring, home repairs, cooking and more are encouraged to apply today.

The Community Currency initiative is made possible from a New York State Health Foundation grant awarded to CHNFC to continue engaging Niagara Falls residents through various activities. For more information, visit .

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