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Sharon Tasner of Subbera Road shows her support for Cambria Opposition to Industrial Solar group which is fighting to stop a plan being undertaken by Cypress Creek Renewables to develop a large-scale solar project in the area.

The Cambria Opposition to Industrial Solar group has now become a party to the Bear Ridge Solar Project process, group member Ed Saleh said last week. 

Cypress Creek Renewables, the company proposing the Bear Ridge Solar Project, would like to lease 900 acres of private land throughout a 5,000-acre project area in southern Cambria and a portion of northern Pendleton. The developers plan to install solar panels mounted in rows on racking systems up to 12 feet high. The panels would be visible from a distance of about 1-1/2 miles, including from sites on Bear Ridge Road and IDA Park Drive in Lockport.

The project is governed by Article 10 of the New York State Public Service Law, which outlines several things the company must do, including provide funding for municipalities and residents to finance experts to review the project or conduct studies. Cambria requested $35,000 and Pendleton requested $17,500.

With the group now a party to the project, they should be entitled to the Article 10 process stipulations and access to intervenor funds. Intervenor funds are funds required to be submitted by large-scale energy developers so municipalities and citizen groups are able to fund items such as studies or attorneys. 

In the first round of intervenor funds, $17,500 was given to Cambria and Pendleton for legal representation.

Siting Board Spokesman James Denn said when the Bear Ridge application is submitted there will be an additional round of $100,000 in intervenor funding, which is typically split 50 percent and 50 percent between citizen groups and municipalities.

Saleh also said the group will soon be announcing an attorney because the Article 10 process, "It's over our head," and they want to be properly represented.

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