Niagara Falls

• ASSAULT: Police are investigating an assault and robbery in the 1300 block of Ontario Avenue. A 23-year-old man told officers he was walking in the area at 4:20 p.m. Thursday when two men approached him and began fighting with him. The victim said he was stabbed in the right buttock and lower right side of his back and had his cell phone taken.


• LARCENY: A Niagara Falls woman reported to police that her daughter’s cell phone had been taken by two men during a dance at the Crow’s Nest on Williams Road on Saturday. One of the men took the phone out of the daughter’s pocket and handed it to another man who fled the scene, according to the police report. The woman said she spoke to the men, who said they did take it but were no longer in possession of it. The police report said the phone was canceled by Cricket and worth about $85.

City of Lockport

• DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Bonnett Golson, 41, 251 Genesee St., Lockport was arrested Thursday for disorderly conduct. According to the police report, police saw Golson walking in the street. Police told him to walk on the sidewalk, but Golson refused. The report said Golson appeared intoxicated and began to shout expletives at the police. Golson is held without bail and is due at 9 a.m. Feb. 20 in Lockport City Court.

• SUSPENDED LICENSE: Amber Landon, 26, West Avenue, Gasport, was arrested Wednesday for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The report said police pulled over Landon for a traffic infraction and is being held in lieu of $250 bail. Landon is due at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Lockport City Court.

• PETIT LARCENY: James Wolfe, 22, 77 Main St. Lockport, was arrested Wednesday for petit larceny. A 77 Main St. man said he took $30 out of the bank and gave $10 to a friend. He put the rest in a drawer in his bedroom. Wolfe came to the house to use his bathroom and was in the bedroom for a short time, the police report said. The victim noticed the money was gone after Wolfe had left. Wolfe is being held in lieu of $250 bail. He is due at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Lockport City Court.

Town of Lockport

• IDENTITY THEFT: A Northview Drive woman on Wednesday noticed four transaction from her checking account which she did not make. The woman contacted the bank to report the discrepancy, the police report said, and received a letter of protest for the charges from the account. The charges added up to $1,267.03. The woman said she was the sole authorized user and had the only card to the account. The case is under investigation.

• GRAND LARCENY: A Village Parkway woman reported her purse stolen from her unlocked vehicle while she was working Wednesday at Sunny’s Restaurant on South Transit Road. The purse contained her wallet, debit card, driver’s license and $2. Including the money in the bank account, the total worth of the purse and its contents were $1,032, the police report said. Police could not locate the purse and found no evidence, no witnesses or suspects.

• SHOPLIFTING: Zachary Agnew, 6241 Charlotteville Road, Newfane, was arrested Wednesday for petit larceny. Agnew was stopped by police in the parking lot of the old Lockport Mall, after receiving a call from Wal Mart on Transit Road. The police report said Wal Mart called police about a larceny complaint, saying the suspect left with two women. Agnew’s Mercury Grand Marquis matched the description of the vehicle Wal Mart said the suspect was driving. The report said Agnew was taken back to the store and identified by security as the suspect who hid $50 worth of women’s underwear in his pant leg and groin area. Agnew is being held in lieu of $500 bail and ordered to appear at 10 a.m. Thursday in Town of Lockport Court.

• STOLEN VEHICLE: A man from McChesney Street in Wilson reported to police that his 2007 Arctic Cat F1000 LXR snowmobile was stolen Sunday. The snowmobile, valued at $9,500, was up for sale and was outside secured around a tree by a chain and padlock, the report said. The police report said the man had a person who was interested in taking the snowmobile for a test drive, but the two would discuss it at a later time. Sunday morning the man who asked about the snowmobile was in a truck that was pulled over by police with a snowmobile in the back. Police called the number on the for sale sign on the snowmobile, left a message and the owner of the snowmobile called back. The owner was the McChesney Street man, who said he gave permission to the suspect. But, according to the police report, the owner said he was tired and had no idea the snowmobile was gone. He thought the officer was referring to the orignal conversation between the suspect and the man. The man said they had never discussed a time to test drive the snowmobile.