A Falls woman has died as a result of injuries she suffered in a car-bicycle crash on Hyde Park Boulevard on Monday.

The victim has been identified by police as Beverly Laughlan, 86, of the Falls.

Posters on Facebook said Laughlan was a familiar sight, riding her bike around the city. They called her “the bike lady.”

“As soon as I saw that bike I knew who it was. That lady rides her bike everywhere. I remember her growing up around the Falls. I’ve seen her riding her bike forever,” one person posted, in referring to early reports of the crash that featured photos of a crumpled bicycle lying in the middle of Hyde Park Boulevard.

Other social media posts recalled that Laughlan had worked as an aide in the cafeteria of the Hyde Park School in the 1980s and ‘90s.

“I thought I recognized that bike (as) one of my elementary school lunch aides. I always saw her cruising around the city,” wrote another poster.

Laughlan was repeatedly described as “an amazing lady.”

A poster on Tuesday night offered this eulogy. “Mrs. Laughlan will be missed dearly. I grew up across the street from her and she was always a nice lady. She’d do anything she could to help you out if needed. My mom will miss her talks with her as she’d always come across the street and chat whenever she saw my mom out doing yard work.”

Investigators said a 75-year-old Lewiston man, driving a 2014 Hyundai, was traveling east on Grand Avenue around 11:37 a.m. Monday and came to a stop at the stop sign at Hyde Park Boulevard. The driver then attempted to make a left-hand turn onto Hyde Park Boulevard.

As the driver made the turn, Laughlan, riding on a bike on the sidewalk in front of Hyde Park, turned into a curb cut in an apparent attempt to cross Hyde Park Boulevard just before Grand Avenue. 

The car collided with the bike, throwing Laughlan to the pavement and causing her to suffer a severe head injury. Police said Laughlan was not wearing a protective helmet.

The driver was able to flag down a passing ambulance and the woman was rushed to the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo. Police said she was taken into surgery, but did not survive.

The car was impounded by police for a mechanical inspection. The driver of the vehicle has not been charged with any violations.

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