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The pilot of a small bi-plane had to make a choice between an orchard and a cornfield.

He took the cornfield.

Niagara County Sheriff Mike Filicetti said that his office received a call at 2:04 p.m. today of a plane crash. When his deputies and fire personnel arrived, the crash was confirmed to have occurred behind 2264 Coomer Road.

Deputies found a 1929 Waco Model GXE overturned in the cornfield. It had taken off from 5328 Wilson Burt Road heading east at about 2,000 feet but the pilot, an Akron man, was unable to gain altitude and landed in the cornfield.

“It appears an older bi-plane took off just west of our location here and couldn’t gain altitude,” Filicetti said. “The pilot brought it down into a cornfield, and subsequently the plane flipped over and came to rest.”

Filicetti said the pilot had minor injuries and declined treatment at the scene.

The scene was being monitored by the sheriff’s office Monday afternoon until the Federal Aviation Administration could take over an investigation.

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