LEWISTON — Town Councilman Alfonso M. Bax has resigned from the Lewiston Town Board to take on a new role as the town’s attorney following Thomas Seaman’s resignation to become the newest Lockport town attorney.

Taking over the remainder of Bax’s term is former town Councilman Rob Morreale.

Bax has served on the town board for 15 years but is excited about taking on this new position.

“I had considered putting my name in for the town attorney position when it was previously available to me when we were about to hire new counsel for the town,” Bax said. “But, decided not to for various reasons at that time. And it became available and the time was right. I mentioned I’d been on the board for 15 years. It’s time to let someone step in and do the councilman role. I’m an attorney by day so it allows me to hone my skills and serve the town in just a different way.”

One thing Bax will miss most is the sense of camaraderie from the town board.

Morreale, who owns Collision Enterprises on Pine Avenue, is glad to come back to the town board. He had served on the town board for four years but lost the 2019 election. He said he's never felt like a politician but enjoyed working on the board. He also served on the Pine Avenue Business Association Board for 15 years. He said he’s looking to work with NYSERDA to garner grant funding for reducing Lewiston’s carbon footprint.

Morreale said it remains to be seen if he will seek re-election once the term is up.

“I’m just ready to go back to work and see what needs to be done because COVID; it kind of puts a hurting on everything,” Morreale said. “We can’t have meetings. I’m just finding out what we can do and what we can’t do. I just called the town hall today asking what can I do.”

Steve Broderick, Lewiston’s town supervisor, said it was a no-brainer to bring Morreale back to the town board. Broderick added that the board was sad to lose Bax as a councilman, but is glad to know he will continue to serve in some capacity.

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