Accused killer Roy is returned to court

James Neiss/staff photographerGregory Roy, shown here in this file photo from June 23, 2018, being found competent to stand trial on charges related to the murder of his stepfather. 

LOCKPORT -- A Porter man accused of killing his stepdad has returned to Niagara County Court after being found competent to stand trial on murder charges. 

Gregory Roy appeared before Judge Sara Sheldon on Friday for scheduling on a number of pre-trial issues. 

In May, Sheldon found Roy, 30, not competent to stand trial, ruling that he was not able to assist his defense team. The judge ordered him committed to the Rochester Psychiatric Center for up to one year.

But after four months of treatment and a return to the use of medications to treat his mental conditions, the two psychologists who had found him unfit to proceed to trial, reversed their opinions.

A grand jury indictment has charged Roy with second-degree murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the death of his stepfather Rudy Ray Rocket Sr.  He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Rockett Sr., 64, who worked as an engineer, was supposed to be returning to his California home in Redondo Beach on the night of April 29, 2018 when he disappeared. His wife reported him missing when it was discovered that he had failed to board his flight to Los Angeles after leaving to go to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport with his stepson, Roy.

Later that evening, two Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies who had responded to Rocket Sr.’s summer home on Lake Road in the Town of Porter encountered Roy as he pulled into the driveway of the home. Roy lived at the home with his mother and stepfather. As Roy stepped from the car, the deputies made a startling discovery.

On the passenger side door of the 2006 gray Saab, which belonged to Roy’s mother, one of the deputies noticed blood.

A later search of the vehicle led to the discovery of a handgun in the glove box. A search for Rocket Sr. began the next day on April 30. That same day, sheriff’s deputies and investigators returned to arrest Roy on a charge of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon for the gun they had found.

Among multiple search warrant executions by sheriff’s investigators, the Gazette has learned that during one at the Lake Road home investigators seized a significant amount of physical evidence including clothing and electronics.

Another search warrant was executed on the 2006 Saab 93 yielding large amounts of blood splattered on the passenger side door of the car.

Prosecutors and investigators say they believe Rockett Sr. was killed in the car while he was being driven to the airport. The search for Rocket Sr. lasted almost three weeks and centered in the Southern Tier.

On May 19, 2018, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s deputies and Erie County Sheriff’s Office K-9 deputies located Rockett Sr.’s body in a heavily forested area in East Otto.

Roy’s defense team says a psychologist at the Erie County Medical Center, where the accused killer was briefly hospitalized for refusing to take his anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medications, has concluded that Roy was off his medications for about three months before he allegedly killed his stepfather and may have been experiencing a schizophrenic episode at the time.

Roy’s refusal to take his medications apparently worried his parents in the months before Rockett’s death.

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