VILLAGE OF LEWISTON — Tom Deal, chairman of the Lewiston Parks and Recreation Committee, made a plea last week to the mayor and board to continue its support of the Lewiston Ice Rink in Academy Park.

Deal said that Lewiston does not have any other outlet for recreation during the winter months.

Mayor Anne Welch responded that she was not opposed to an ice rink but did not agree with its location in Academy Park.

“Every year it’s just a mud pit,” she said. “Everything that surrounds it creates such a mess in that park and we want that park for our residences and every year its mud.”

Deal said that every effort had been made to find another location, and Academy Park has all the logistics necessary and that the last year was the best year for the rink.

“Everything is there, mechanically, the electric is already set up there,” Deal said. 

Welch said she’d like to relocate the rink. Trustee Daniel Gibson joined Deal in favor of the ice rink, at least this year. 

“The things is … we don’t have enough for kids to do,” Gibson said.

Gibson said he was in favor of waiting a year until all plans for Academy Park were finished and then proceeding with a new plan after that. 

The board and the mayor agreed to discuss the issue in future meetings.

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