Those looking to learn a little something about Lewiston’s history may find the perfect recipe in a program being offered in the village.

Already under way, the Lewiston Council of Arts is presenting the Marble Orchard Cemetery Tours on Sundays in July and August at the Village Cemetery, 505 Cayuga St.

Sponsored by the council, the tours showcase costumed characters representing the people of the village’s past, many of whom rest under tombstones with interesting epitaphs.

During the tours, attendees will get the chance to bump elbows with costumed actors portraying people of historic purpose.

The tours have been held for more than 10 years and each passing year the tour changes, growing into a history lesson of things even Lewiston’s oldest residents weren’t aware of, according to council member Eva Nicklas.

“There is a part where one of the actors reads an epitaph of a man who lived in the underground railroad era, I could look around and see chins quivering and eyes tearing up,” she said. “It leaves everyone with something special.”

The actors all have connections with the characters they play, Nicklas added.

Lynn Catalano, whose daughter, Madeline, 5, will be featured in two performances, said the tour is even enjoyable for her young daughter.

“I had no idea about the tours until just recently, now my daughter is involved in playing a little girl who was left in the woods,” she said. “It’s so exciting for both of us just to be a part of it.”

Here’s the lineup for the tours:

n Sunday and Aug. 20: Lewiston was home to a dedicated “conductor” Josiah Tryon. These tours will feature Denise Easterling, known for her local Underground Railroad trips and her knowledge of the history of slavery. This Sunday’s tour will feature actor and film producer Addison Henderson, son of the bishop of Buffalo’s Michigan Street Baptist Church.

n July 23 and Aug. 27: Find out about the infamous “Morgan Affair.”

n July 30: It’s the Bill Lattin Tour. The Orleans County historian will lead visitors through the cemetery as he explains tombstone symbols, cemetery traditions and etiquette.

n Aug. 2: Hear a story through the Women of the Marble Orchard. Learn the full tale of that gin cocktail and the woman who impressed author James Fennimore Cooper.

n Aug. 13: Meet the forefathers of Lewiston, from Benjamin Barton, who built the Frontier House, to the cooper who refused to build barrels with false bottoms.

The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Group discounts will be available for groups of 10 or more. Call 751-0166.

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