Here is a blog entry from Carissa Bailey, who is a contestant in this weekend's Miss Greater Niagara Scholarship Pageant.

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With only a few days left until the big day, I have been spending most of my time preparing for the interview. Some contestants say this is the hardest and most nerve-racking part of the competition.

So how do you prepare for something that seems so unpredictable? Practice, Practice, Practice! Every night one of my family members calls me and we have a study session!

We talk about what we saw in the news that day, what we thought about it as well as try to predict other possible questions. Although this is extremely beneficial, I found video-tapping my performance it the BEST preparation method. I know, who wants to see themselves on tape. But it's really not that bad and it can improve your interview skills immensely! One month ago I was videotaped doing a mock interview with my family as the judges' panel.

Watching it really gave me a wake up call. I realized the specific areas I needed to work on as well as what I really liked about my interview. You would be surprised all the little things you notice!

Anyway, I continue to do mock interviews as often as I am able. Every time it gets easier. Hopefully it will all pay off on Saturday!

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