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I’ve recently come off a charm bracelet bender. After spending several weeks connecting abstract objects to a chain, I’ve curbed my obsession, or at least toned it down.

I never let anything go to waste. Therefore, I took a spool of wire and the leftover beads, buttons and charms from my bracelet projects and made these charm rings.

Use your finger as a guide to shape the base and then add whatever you like at the top. I secured a jump ring to add dangling beads, and on others I anchored a button, charm or bead at the top.

I like this idea because it has a speedy result, which is great if you want to make jewelry but don’t have the time or energy to devote to a bracelet or necklace. For a higher quality ring, use sterling silver wire. All supplies can be found at local craft or bead stores.

Charm rings


1 spool (18- or 24-gauge) wire, sterling silver is best.

Needle nose pliers with cutting device.

Small jump rings.

Assorted charms, beads or buttons.

Ring sizer (optional).


Cut off an 18-inch piece of wire. Using your finger or a ring sizer, wrap the wire around it four to five times to create the base of the ring.

Straighten out the tail of extra wire. On the ring’s base, position the raw end of the wire at the top and pinch in place. Feed the tail through the hole of the base and up and around the top to cover. Pull it tight to cover that raw end.

Straighten the remaining length of the tail, and if you want to have a ring with dangling charms, slip on the small jump ring and feed the wire through it to secure it to the top of the ring so it stands upright. If you don’t want dangles, you can skip the jump ring and feed on a bead, button or charm.

Make certain the end of the wire is lodged between the layers of wire. Add beads or charms to small head pins. Using the needle nose pliers, attach the head pins to the jump ring by bending the wire over the jump ring.

Tips and variations: For more of a wrapped look, cut a longer piece of wire (about 22 inches) and after you make the circles for the ring base, use the tail to wrap around it. For a gaudy look, add a lot of dangling beads; for a daintier look, add a few small ones. Think of other objects to add such as bottle caps, birthstone gems, small fabric or silk flowers.

Kathy Cano Murillo is the author of “Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul:

Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life.” Contact her at kathy.murillo@

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