For a musician, being a little bit edgy is good. Having a lot of passion is great. Knowing how to thrill audiences with your talent is premium.

"It’s pizza night!" Just saying those words can elicit cheers from the members of your household. Pizza is a family favorite because it’s easy and tasty.

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In the living room of Laura Kagels’ Sanborn home, two baby kangaroos jump about from couch to couch, avoiding the two giant tortoises moving slowly around the floor and ignoring Meadow, the 17-month-old human baby who is in a chair and playing a video game on her mom’s cellphone.Laura demons…

Hi everyone it’s Barb Lewis from The Shabby Tree! I am back to show you all another quick and easy craft for the holidays!

Editor’s Note:  The following is the first of a four-part holiday series in Sunday lifestyles from a homemaker who shares tips online on how to make household decorations from dollar store finds.)Hello everyone, I’m Barbara from The Shabby Tree! I started my business about a year ago hoping …

DEAR ANNIE:  My husband is controlling. Everything has to be his way. I've caught him in lies. We argue constantly. I get pretty tired of it, but I come right back to him every time. I'm trying to figure out what to do.

It’s time to select and decorate pumpkins for your Halloween display. Get family and friends involved in a trip to the pumpkin farm and consider hosting a decorating party.

A few weeks ago I was invited to lunch at a delightful little cafe in a building that is home to several art galleries, a museum, historical exhibits and 80 artist studios.I was delighted at the invite because this building, The Niagara Arts and Cultural Center, is one of my favorite places …

I have lived in this area all of my life and enthusiastically promote the array of opportunities and beauty the Niagara region has to offer.However there are several local attractions I have not yet experienced.So call it a hometown bucket list if you will, but recently I decided to partake …

With the sounds of pots and pans clanging and knives chopping in the background, an all-female kitchen staff can be heard calling out information to one another to get each component of their meal completed on time.

With the sounds of pots and pans clanging and knives chopping in the background, an all-female kitchen staff can be heard calling out information to one another to get each component of their meal completed on time.

Most histories that are written about Bond Lake Park in Lewiston begin with the development of the quarries that operated there in the early 20th century to harvest the limestone that was used in the steel making process in the steel plants in Lackawanna. Prior to the quarries, this area was…

Won’t you please, won’t you please, please won’t you be my neighbor? 

Sandy Barton has written four books about her best friend, an Irish leprechaun named Mr. McAlister. 

The thing that Morgana Alba likes best about being a mermaid is the tail. 

That’s it. The towel is thrown in, and the white flag is waving.

As promised, I’m sharing some of the best recipes from my friends at the Lewiston Garden Club. 

Breast Cancer Awareness video

Last April, 37-year-old Kelli Cravey made the most difficult decision of her life. The Eden mother of two young children — a 5-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son, had both her breasts removed — even though she didn’t have breast cancer.

A lot of things have changed recently for Michele Krienbuhl. Her boutique, Michele’s Motif, just made a big move from Robinson Street to Webster Street in the heart of North Tonawanda’s shopping district. She’s looking at adding some new aspects to her business and looking forward to expandi…

Breast cancer patients confront a major hurdle in their diagnosis and treatment regimen, but struggles with the disease extend well beyond the doctor’s office and remission.

From professional franchises like the Buffalo Bills and the NFL, to our sons and daughters donning high school uniforms on scholastic fields throughout Western New York, athletes wearing pink has become a major symbol of cancer awareness and society’s fight against it.

The Niagara County Cancer Services program will schedule breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening for eligible uninsured residents.

For Our Daughters Inc. has reached over 1,000 young women in Western New York so far this year with breast cancer education and awareness. Founder and breast cancer survivor, Mercedes Wilson, started the organization in 2012 with the goal of opening up the floor for discussion about women’s …

Twenty-five years ago, Antoinette Molinaro found a lump in her breast. A trip to the doctor confirmed her worst fear — the lump was malignant.

Mercedes Wilson treasures her life, and everyone in it. 

In just a few days, Niagara Falls will be lit up in pink and dozens will form a living ribbon across the Rainbow Bridge all for the fight against breast cancer.

Annette Hill works as a laboratory technologist. Her job is to detect cancer in breast tissue. 

They look like everyday people — like the middle-aged women you might see behind you in line at the grocery store.

Do recently diagnosed breast cancer patients benefit from online support?

People view support groups in different ways. If you’re a private person, you may prefer to not talk about your situation to strangers or maybe you see joining a group as a sign of weakness — an inability to cope on your own. Maybe you’re open to the idea, but you’re not ready yet. 

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have challenges to face, both physically and mentally, and on top of it they’re often forced to deal with unwelcome changes to what they see when they look in the mirror. 

When it comes to dealing with breast cancer and other forms of cancer, priority No. 1 is educating the public.

When it comes to the fight against cancer, early detection is the key, and the American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women 40 and older, with a base mammogram at around age 35. 

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and learns she will have to undergo a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery might not be the first thing on her mind — but sooner or later, it’s a decision she will have to make.

A Lockport School District music teacher is taking her talent for opera to new heights.

It’s magical, the way it happens.  One minute there’s an open field or plaza with nothing there, and the next minute, there are hundreds of people, dressed in their best white finery, sitting at tables decked out with white linen and white china, eating splendid foods.  Within the span of a …

Can’t get away for a high-priced summer vacation? Consider staying home and going shopping.

Frederick Law Olmsted would have enjoyed the Grand Gardens of the Niagara Portage Walk on Saturday.

July aprons ready! Fresh corn is upon us.

It was almost a decade ago when a 14-year-old girl in Niagara Falls started taking drugs. Let’s call her Amber.

Ann Franjoine remembers attending St. Joseph’s Day tables when she was a girl, growing up on Ashland Avenue in Niagara Falls.

Imagine you are out to lunch with a friend, co-worker or parent. As you begin your meal, you notice something odd: she can’t seem to lift her fork. You make a little joke and she responds by smiling on just one side of her mouth. It occurs to you that these are the signs of a stroke. Calmly,…

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but a veterinarian formerly based out of Lockport makes it a little more comfortable for the animals and their owners.

In its raw form, tumeric is not much to look at. Much like its cousin, ginger, turmeric is grown for its nubby brown roots. So if you happen to find it in the produce section, it often is covered in soil and isn’t all that attractive. But scratch its thin skin with your fingernail and this r…

They all start out the same — “Dear Santa” — but from there, you never know what kids are going to write to jolly old St. Nick.

Winter is coming to Niagara County. The temperatures have been dropping and we have gotten some snow. With the abundance of local produce such as apples, squash, cabbage and root vegetables available, you can still serve fresh, local foods in December.

It’s odorless, tasteless and colorless — but it claims hundreds of lives each year.

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