Parlato endorsed by conservative women's group

Beth Parlato

The Parlato for Congress campaign is continuing to pick up local conservative support, as the Livingston and Ontario County Conservative committees both announced their endorsements of Beth Parlato over the weekend.

"Beth Parlato is a breath of fresh air in politics, which fanned the flames of hope in the Conservatives and Republican-Conservatives in our county. I have received a slew of correspondences from individuals across party lines, encouraging us to support her for months," Ontario County Conservative Party Chairman Reid Robbins said in a Sunday news release. "Looking at what is going on around our state and our nation, Beth best represents the integrity, intelligence and ability to articulate Conservative values. Her positions and values come from her core and are based in the natural law, unlike politicians who try to adapt themselves to their district, selling themselves as something they are not.”

Parlato is pressing her campaign to snag the Republican party line in an anticipated June primary election in the 27th Congressional District.

Previously, the chairs of Republican committees in the district selected state Sen. Chris Jacobs to run in the now-scheduled April 28 special election to fill the vacancy left by Chris Collins, who resigned in late September. The winner of that election will serve until the end of the year, when Collins' last term of office expires.

The Ontario County Conservative Committee is taking the position that voters who usually use the Conservative Party as their voice in the process should vote their conscience in the April 28 special election, while recommending the state Conservative Party endorse Parlato in the November general election.

"The time is now for our district to have principled representation, and together we will spread our message and stand up for the conservative values that are the foundation of our community and our nation," Parlato said in the news release.

The Livingston County Conservative Committee's endorsement of Parlato was announced this past Saturday.

"She is a strong Constitutional conservative that will fight for the right to life and the right to bear arms," committee chair Jason J. McGuire said. "She will fight for lower taxes and fewer regulations to grow greater freedom and economic prosperity. And let us not forget that both major political parties have led America into a $23 trillion national debt. For the sake of future generations, Beth Parlato understands that this practice cannot continue.”

Parlato was previously endorsed by the Erie County Conservative Committee and, as of Monday, she's counting Empower America Project in her corner, too. EAP declared her to be one of 10 "fresh faces advancing opportunity for all Americans" in their congressional campaigns.

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