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Two people were shot Tuesday night in separate incidents in Niagara Falls.

About 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, officers were called to the 2100 block of North Avenue for a report of shots fired with a person injured. Arriving officers found two males on the porch of a home, one of whom was bleeding from the right side of his abdomen.

The second male told police they were sitting on the porch and heard several gunshots, one of which struck the victim. He said he didn't see any cars or people before the shooting. A Toyota Camry in the driveway of the home was also struck by gunfire. Both the rear passenger and driver’s-side windows were damaged as well as the front driver’s-side door.

Officers found several spent shell casings on 21st Street just south of North Avenue.

About 45 minutes later, police were called to the 400 block of 23rd Street where they found several people in the street near a male lying on the ground. Officers grabbed clothing and applied pressure to gunshot wounds to his right buttock and left thigh until Niagara Falls firefighters and an ambulance crew could arrive.

The victim was awake and talking, police said, but he said he didn’t see what happened. A witness reported seeing a male running from the scene but didn’t get a look at his face.

Falls detectives are investigating both shootings. The ages of both victims were redacted by city officials.

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