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For the moment, what appear to be the remains of Edwin Karkos are in temporary locker 35 at Niagara Falls Police headquarters.

How they got there is the subject on an investigation by Falls police.

Patrol officers responded to a call at a Military Road restaurant around 3 p.m. Sunday when the on-duty manager there reported he had found "an urn" outside his business. Officers then took possession of the urn.

They noted that the urn bore an address label for "Cutler Cremation Co. LLC, 1800 Broadway #7, Buffalo, NY 14212.

The urn itself was labeled: "Edwin Karkos Colucci Funeral Home" with a cremation case number and was dated Feb. 25, 2012.

Officers said they attempted to contact the Colucci Funeral Home in North Tonawanda, but were unsuccessful.

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