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A 13th Street woman from the city of Niagara Falls is missing, according to the Niagara Falls Police Department.

Lisa M. Surace, 51, has not been heard from or seen since the evening of June 8, a relative told police Wednesday. An incident report filed with the department said Surace does not suffer from mental health issues.

"It is very unlike her to not respond to his messages or wish him a happy birthday," the report said.

A member of Surace's family told police he last saw her the morning of June 7 during a walk in the Niagara Gorge. The relative then received a text message from her the following day stating she was going to New York City "for a few weeks." Surace said she would contact him once she arrived.

"(He) has since received no word from his sister and her phone appears to be turned off as it goes directly to voicemail," the report said.

Surace's car and dogs are not at her residence, the report said. She is said to be driving a white, 2010 Jeep Compass.

Surace is described as 5-feet-7 and weighing about 170 pounds. She has shoulder-length brown hair and has brown eyes. Surace does not have tattoos and does not wear glasses, the report said.