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Falls police found family members lying on the floor “crying and very scared” after their home was shot several times early Friday morning.

Police were called to the home on the 700 block of Augustus Place about 2 a.m. Friday for a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, officers said they yelled into the home and a 36-year-old man came out with his hands up telling them his house had just been shot up and his family was inside. He was unsure if anyone had been injured.

Inside the home, officers found members of the family, including three children ranging in age from 14 to 9, lying on the floor crying and very scared. No injuries were reported.

The man said he was in bed when he heard gunshots and the sound of the shots hitting the home. He said he yelled for everyone to get on the ground.

He told officers he believed the shooting was meant for two people who live in an upstairs apartment but he hadn’t seen them since Saturday. Officers checked the upstairs apartment in case someone had been injured and confirmed no one was there.

Detectives were called to the scene and police found multiple bullet holes in the front of the home penetrating through the lower and upper apartments. Several bullet casings were found on the porch and around a neighboring home.

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