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Falls police are investigating an incident Monday morning in which a woman was held at gunpoint while two men stole her car from John Avenue.

The 19-year-old woman said while waiting for her boyfriend about 7:25 a.m. Monday, she went out to her ’17 Chevy Cruze to grab something from the car. While in the vehicle, she said a man approached the car and put a silver handgun to her head and said, “Don’t make any sudden movements.” He told her to climb over the backseat where a second man was getting into the vehicle.

The suspect with the gun then told the woman, “Don’t do anything stupid or I’ll have my friend shoot you.”

The woman said the car was driven to a rear parking lot of the school district building at 630 66th Street and she was asked if she had her cell phone. When the woman told them it had fallen out of her pocket in the front seat when she climbed into the back seat, the men let her out of the vehicle and drove off.

Not long after, the woman said her boyfriend arrived in the area and they were able to follow her car but lost sight of it at Hyde Park Boulevard and Buffalo Avenue.

Once police arrived, en effort to trace the phone showed it in the area between 24th and 27th streets just south of Buffalo Avenue but nothing was found.

OnStar eventually located the car behind a store on the 200 block of Hyde Park Boulevard. After detectives went through the vehicle, the woman had it towed by AAA because the suspects took the keys when they fled.

Officers noted that surveillance cameras on John Avenue may have captured the incident.

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