Park guns

A member of the Niagara Falls Police Department carries guns and fanny packs placed in evidence bags that were seized from a park at North Avenue and Lockport Street Monday afternoon.

A Falls teen was arrested and two loaded handguns found in fanny packs were seized following an investigation of a crowd of people playing dice at a park at North Avenue and Lockport Street Monday afternoon.

Falls police and city and county probation officials working a GIVE detail arrived at the park about 5:40 p.m. Monday where the crowd was rolling dice. Officers said as police and probation officials exited their vehicles and began approaching the crowd, many of the players began walking away. They were told to stop and the officer said he saw one of the men throw a tie-dyed fanny pack-type bag on the ground.

When the officer checked the bag, they saw the black handle of a handgun inside — a loaded 9mm Taurus pistol.

As officers ordered those they’d stopped to take a seat while they investigated the handgun, Arrien Robinson, 19, 1810 Cleveland Ave., kicked off his shoes and ran from the park. He was caught after a chase that led to Centre Avenue.

As a probation took a man into custody for an arrest warrant, a red fanny pack was found on a picnic table. Inside that fanny pack was a loaded 9mm Glock 26 pistol, as well as a cell phone and house keys.

Officers noted that while they were on scene, a large crowd gathered with several people yelling for police to stop harassing kids at the park and go get guns off the street. Police said when the crowd was informed that guns had been found in the park, it quieted down the crowd.

CSU detectives were continuing the investigation into the guns and additional arrests were expected.

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