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Falls police are looking for the suspects in a early Sunday morning shooting on the 1700 block of Whitney Avenue.

Patrol officers said they were called to the front of the Niagara Falls Municipal Complex on Main Street about 3:30 a.m. where a man was waiting to report that his car had been shot several times.

The 66-year-old city man told officers that had been in his SUV with a woman and they had gotten into an argument. He said the woman told him someone would “get him” if he came by again.

The man said he dropped the woman off at 17th and Whitney and was driving away when a man began yelling at him from where he left the woman. He then heard three gunshots and sped away.

At the police station, officers said the driver’s-side front window was shattered and there was a bullet hole in the bottom of the door. A rear tire was also slowly losing air. A check of Whitney Avenue turned up two spent 9mm shell casings.

When asked by police, the victim refused to identify the woman he had been in his SUV with.

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