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Falls police were called to the 1500 block of Pierce Avenue about 10:55 p.m. Saturday after getting reports of gunfire in the area.

As officers were arriving, they said a large crowd of people in front of Hometown Markets, 1565 Pierce Ave., began leaving the area. An initial investigation determined that a person had fired a gun toward a crowd of people standing near the front of the store, damaging a large store window.

Surveillance video showed that about 20 people were standing in front of the store when a black SUV and a silver SUV passed the store at the same time on Pierce, at which point someone began shooting a gun from their direction at the store.

At the same time, a Black man with a goatee wearing a white shirt stood up in front of the store with what police described as a Tec-9 semi-automatic pistol and began firing at the SUVs. Officers said it appeared he struck the black SUV several times.

Officers found several spent and live shell casings in the store parking lot. Officers also noted that the man firing the gun from the parking lot is frequently at the store.

As they were investigating the shooting at the store, police received a call from a homeowner on the 1700 block of Willow Avenue who reported that his home was hit by gunfire. Officers noted the home was in the general direction the man in front of the store was shooting.

The 66-year-old homeowner showed police where the bullet entered his home and the bullet lodged in the rear of a headboard. The man said he was sleeping when the bullet crashed through the wall.

Officers also discovered that another shot had struck the front fender of a nearby vehicle, causing extensive damage.

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