ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - The State University of New York's high-profile expert in the science of nanotechnology has been given a raise that increases his annual SUNY salary to $666,995 or almost a half-million dollars a year more than Eliot Spitzer is paid as governor.

The almost $142,000-a-year raise for Alain Kaloyeros was first reported Monday by the New York Post. Even before the hefty hike, Kaloyeros was New York's highest paid state employee.

Kaloyeros is vice president and chief administrative officer of the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and a professor of nanoscience. He has been instrumental in luring high-tech computer parts manufacturers to the Albany area.

SUNY Albany Provost Susan Herbst told the Post that Kaloyeros would soon be given additional responsibilities and, as a result, "I recommended a well-deserved salary increase, which underwent the entire SUNY review process and was approved by the SUNY chancellor."

Kaloyeros is a colorful figure with a penchant for high-powered sports cars. Several years ago, his stable of vehicles included a Porsche Boxster with a license plate that read "GEEK."

Nanotechnology is the science of working at the atomic and molecular levels at scales that are about 1/100,000th the diameter of a human hair.

As governor, Spitzer is paid $179,000 a year.