Every morning and late-afternoon, student walkers and parent drivers converge on the intersection of Drake and St. Joseph drives in North Tonawanda on their way to Drake Elementary School.

Tim Rydzewksi, who lives on the intersection, says it’s time to reinstall a crossing guard there to make sure nobody gets hurt.

“Anything and everything goes in front of Drake School,” he said. “You’ll see cars doing U-turns at morning and night all through the streets.”

When police cars are stationed near the school, it becomes much more orderly, Rydzewski said. A crossing guard could bring permanent order.

Several years ago, the city’s Common Council cut the number of crossing guards at schools in half because of expenses, North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos said. The police department then decided to keep guards at the busier school intersections, such as ones at Meadow Drive, Walck Road and Spruce Street. But they decided Drake Drive wasn’t busy enough to warrant one.

The guards are part of the city’s budget. If parents want one, they should petition the school board, which would then pressure the council to add more guards to the budget, Soos said.

Brett Sommer, the council president, said if the intersection needs a crossing guard, the mayor should direct the police department to move an existing one there. He said the council didn’t believe more positions should be added.

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