When Mindy Scime was dreaming of creating a holistic wellness center in a vacant building on Main Street, she pinned a big picture of the building on her vision board.

The board was the spot where she kept clippings, photos other colorful things that reminded her daily of all her goals and dreams. Creating a business that would house both her yoga studio and her counseling practice was at the center of her dreams and the photo on the board reminded her of that everyday.

It’s no wonder that she and Kim David hit it off the moment they met.

David is a life coach who teaches people how to reach their dreams and one of her recommendations is to create a vision board.

Their shared belief in one’s ability to turn goals into reality created a bond of friendship. The two recently teamed up to hold a women’s retreat at Scime’s newly opened wellness center on Main Street.

Eight ladies joined together for a day-long event that included yoga, meditation, and self-awareness exercises.

The retreat was one of the many classes and events that Scime will be offering from the Living Wellness of Niagara center, which houses her yoga studio and counseling practice, just as she envisioned them when she created her vision board.

While both women agree there is no magic behind putting photos and clippings on a board, there is a certain incentive provided by looking at a visual reminder each day of one’s goals and dreams.

Now, Scime is hoping to expand the programs available at her center and her Tree of Life Yoga studio.

First, she’s combining her passion for social awareness with a monthly book club which will include yoga with a book discussion afterward. The club will begin at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 3. The first book to be read is “The Good Body,” by Eve Ensler and a portion of the proceeds of the club dues will be sent to Ensler’s charity, VDay, a global movement to stop violence against girls and women.

Scime is planning a variety of yoga classes including a class for children, chakra workshops, and an assortment of special programs.

Several offices in the new center are currently being renovated and she is hoping to fill them with other wellness practitioners such as a massage therapist or acupuncturist.

However, the center as it turns out, is not exactly as Scime dreamed.

“It’s happening even better than I could have imagined,” she said. “I think it’s absolutely perfect.”

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