In light of Ralph Wilson’s half-hearted assurance on Wednesday that the Bills will remain based in Buffalo, take a tiny bit of consolation in this, sports fans — the Queen City isn’t even the worst in upstate New York when it comes to franchise instability.

The Rochester sports scene is imploding under the ugly watch of Steve Donner. First, the Amerks long-time deal with the Sabres collapsed, leaving the two sisters in a feud that apparently can’t be bridged. But that’s just part of it — the city’s successful minor-league soccer team could potentially dash.

The city has been threatening to take back Paetec Park, the new stadium where the Rhinos play, and Donner’s group is currently involved in negotiations to get a new owner for the team after being sued for past-due payments on both the stadium and the franchise.

There’s no certainty the potential buyer, Dan Williams, will keep the team in Rochester.

At what point do we all start rooting for college sports?

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