Effects from the latest blasting at LaFarge quarry has led to the injury of a 51-year-old Tuscarora Village resident, according to a police report Friday.

Town of Niagara police responded to 4253 Mohawk Place for a woman who fell and struck her head while she was in the shower, Police Chief James Suitor said. The victim told police she fell while her home was shaking from the nearby blast at the quarry.

Suitor said the woman was taken to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital for evaluation around 12:17 p.m.

Residents of Tuscarora Village, which sits about 100 yards from the quarry, have been complaining for months the effects from the blastings rock the mobile home park and have caused thousands of dollars in damages.

Friday’s incident was the first reported human injury the blasting has been accused of causing.

“I kept saying ‘is it going to take someone getting hurt?’ before something is done about this,” said Tuscarora Village resident Sharon Ruth. “What happened out here was shocking.”

After residents took their concerns to the town board last month, a meeting was set up with LaFarge officials, who agreed to lower the blasting levels, despite the company being within the federal regulations. However, in the three blastings since, both residents and town officials believe that hasn’t happened.

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