Orleans/Niagara BOCES hosts author visits

Chris Conrad, coordinator of the Orleans/Niagara BOCES Library System, displays some of the works of authors Joanne O’Sullivan and Victoria Jamieson, who recently chatted with local school district librarians and library staff via Zoom. (Contributed image)

Chris Conrad, Orleans/Niagara BOCES School Library System coordinator, recently arranged a Zoom meeting with two popular and award-winning young reader authors, Joanne O’Sullivan and Victoria Jamieson. 

Invitations were sent to school district librarians and library staff to attend the meeting as the two authors discussed their books, their process and their love of literature.

Conrad said the conversations were illuminating as O’Sullivan discussed her books Migration Nation, The Great and the Terrible: The World’s Most Glorious and Notorious Rulers and How They Got Their Names and Between Two Skies.

“She really went into depth about her process for writing and what inspires her and the amount of research she does on each of her books,” Conrad said. “It was a great conversation.”

Jamieson not only writes books, but illustrates them as well. She bases a lot of her books on real-life experiences such as Roller Girl, When Stars Are Scattered, All’s Faire in Middle School and The Great Pet Escape. During the Zoom meeting she tasked the participants into doing their own animation and gave them all a drawing lesson.

“She is a big proponent that everyone can draw,” Conrad said. “She kept us very entertained and also talked about her research into refugee camps in Kenya and her interactions with the protagonist for her book When Stars are Scattered. It was very powerful.”

Both authors graciously donated some of their books to the area school districts for their libraries.

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