Historic LaSalle calendar now available

The special 10th edition of the 2021 Historic LaSalle Photo Calendar features 67 photographs of the Village of LaSalle.

A special 10th edition of the 2021 Historic LaSalle Photo Calendar has just been released.

Terry Lasher Winslow has again put together the calendar which features 67 historical photographs of the Village of LaSalle. Once a part of the Town of Niagara, LaSalle became an official Village on Dec. 2, 1897. It was annexed into the City of Niagara Falls in 1927. During this time, as the industries grew along the river, the village expanded and housing for the workers was needed.

New developments sprang up just upstream from the factories and with the trolley lines on Buffalo Avenue, it was logical to develop the farmlands into housing stock. In the beginning of the 20th century, LaSalle experienced a rapid growth that took it from a farm community to a residential suburb. As a result, pressure to build more schools, roads, water and sewer lines were major factors in the vote to annex into the city of Niagara Falls.

This year, the calendars will be available at Augie’s Restaurant in the Pine Plaza, 8207 Niagara Falls Blvd.; Sunshine Café, 8649 Buffalo Ave.; Salisa’s Diner, 2214 Niagara Falls Blvd.; Confetti Cottage, 7917 Buffalo Ave. or by calling (716) 425-4005.

This special calendar features 67 different photos. Each month features a different subject including bridges, motels, churches, the International Paper Company Houses, gas stations and auto dealers, Griffon Manor, Cracker Box houses, trains and trolleys, Cayuga Island, village and town hall, and restaurants.

Teresa Lasher Winslow, an authority on the history of the former Village of LaSalle, is a former Niagara County historian and has been researching and documenting the history of LaSalle for over a decade. She also owns a consulting firm called House Historians, documenting the history of buildings for owners and submitting National Register of Historic Places nominations for tax credits for their restoration.

For more information on either of these please call (716) 425-4005.

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