A Ten Lives Club volunteer saw an ad on Craigslist for free kittens in Niagara Falls this week. Worried what would happen to them if they were given away, she asked Ten Lives Club if they would take the kittens in. Ten Lives Club called the phone number listed and the individual who had the cats did the right thing by bringing the cats to the rescue.

Ten Lives Club was assured that the owned moms would be spayed by a local vet and an appointment has been made. The answer to the serious cat overpopulation problem in WNY is to spay and neuter. The kittens were covered in fleas. They were given baths with Dawn dish soap and were wrapped in towels to keep them warm. 

The group is asking that residents do not give away cats for free on Craigslist or other marketplaces. Animals posted on Craigslist could be placed in the wrong hands that may lead to animal abuse.

Ten Lives Club has taken in more than 1,665+ cats this year so far.

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