Alex Van Pelt, the former Bills backup quarterback who went on to provide color commentary for radio broadcasts and now works on the offensive coaching staff, is reportedly upset that his name appeared in an online report about a pornographic e-mail that circulated the NFL last month.

Mike Florio mentioned on his Rumor Mill blog at that Van Pelt received the message with a video attached from Steelers pro personnel director Doug Whaley. Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein also received the e-mail, and later forwarded it to every general manager in the league, as well as their secretaries, according to several media outlets.

Van Pelt’s e-mail response to Florio was published Saturday. Van Pelt contends he was one of several NFL associates who received the initial e-mail from Whaley and that he immediately deleted it.

Unlike many who have tried to challenge Florio, Van Pelt didn’t embarrass himself, aside from his misspelling of several simple words.