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September 7, 2013

Mroziak: Breathe in the new season

Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Last week I was lamenting the end of another local baseball season. That doesn’t mean I dread what’s ahead.

To the contrary, while outdoors earlier this week and getting a whiff of the cooler air, there came with it memories of being that kid on the grassy lot on the grounds of Bacon Memorial Church on 59th Street playing football, then later in my teens practicing and playing soccer for Grand Island High School.

That boy who used to be doesn’t come home for supper dirty from playing neighborhood football anymore. He takes his opportunities to periodically deny his adulthood in hockey rinks these days.

Yet he still enjoys that crisp feeling of fall air. It’s not the oppressive heat of summer’s peak and it’s also not the biting chill of the winter. Sometimes, if you’re in the right place, there’s the pleasant odor of harvest that comes with it.

It’s just right.

There was something so right about it all those years ago, too. It’s the same feeling I’m sure may be shared today by the boys and girls lacing up their cleats or sneakers, along with their uniforms, and donning their respective fields or courts.

Whether it be football, soccer, field hockey, cross country, volleyball or tennis, this is a new season for hundreds of local youths. 

Good luck to them all. To those young athletes, I pass a little advice. Breathe it in. Not just the fall air, but also breathe in the moment. Your moment.

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