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May 6, 2013

From the Editor: regarding Tuesdays and other coverage notes

Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Over the past few weeks, perhaps you heard that the Niagara Gazette will stop publishing a Tuesday edition.

That time has come. Tomorrow, there will be no edition available on your front doorstep or on newsstands. The paper will be back on Wednesday.

So, what will the sports department do in between editions?  Stay in business, that's what.

Monday is a busy day in local sports, especially when high school seasons are in progress. Even though we will not have a Tuesday edition to prepare, we will still be here Monday evenings collecting stories and scores. Those local scores and stories will be posted directly to our website,

We've slowly but surely increased our web content and hope you've not only noticed but are satisfied. It's especially important to me that my staff and I continue to increase our contributions to the web. I believe it's not only out of respect for our local readers but also for their friends and loved ones who may have moved elsewhere but still care enough to see how things are going "back home" and use the internet to do so.

What I hope you've also noticed is that we're attempting to provide a more diverse range of local sports coverage. Sure, there will always be the traditional coverage: Niagara University, high school football, high school basketball and baseball, bowling results, outdoors and Buffalo's pro teams. Working with my staff, we're looking to increase coverage in various local sports. 

We will look to cover the Niagara Power on a regular basis, not just sporadically. You hopefully enjoyed the Ransomville Speedway preview last Friday. We will seek to include their weekly results every weekend.

You've probably noticed our regular coverage of the Bisons. That, my staff and I agree, became more relevant to the region the very moment the Herd signed up with the Toronto Blue Jays to become their new farm club affiliate.

I'll take this opportunity to mention another new avenue we'll be opening: soccer. With a significant number of its players hailing from this newspaper's general region, local semi-pro team FC Buffalo has demonstrated itself as a worthy, relevant local team. Beginning this season, we will give them regular coverage.

Beginning this week, we may be taking a day off between editions. But what this sports department will not do is take a break. 

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