Niagara Gazette

May 5, 2013

Racing: Falls drivers dominate in Ransomville opener

Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — RANSOMVILLE — Chad Brachmann of Sanborn, who last year fell just three points short of defending his title, finished victorious in the Mighty Taco Modified division season-opening race at Ransomville Speedway.

Brachmann took the early lead and never lost it, while the real battle was for second place as Erik Rudolph held the position but lost it to Ryan Sucise grabbing the spot on the 20th lap. Sucise finished second with Rudolph taking third. Defending division champion Pete Bicknell took fourth in the season opener while Phil Vigneri, Jr. rounded out the top five.

Niagara Falls drivers fared well in the other divisions. Alex Morris took the checkered flag in the 20-lap Ki-Po Chevrolet Streetstock feature race, Chris Leone won the Fireball feature and Jose Torres finished victorious in the Gippster’s Collision 4 Bangers feature. 

Track officials report a capacity crowd and a total 115 cars participating in the season opener.

MIGHTY TACO MODIFIEDSChad Brachmann, Ryan Susice, Erick Rudolph, Pete Bicknell, Phil Vigneri Jr., Tommy Flannigan, Justin Wright, Ricky Richner, Robbie Krull, Jeff McGinnis, Rich Vinson, Brian Sage, Scott Kerwin, Steve Miller, Nick Joy, Todd Burley, John Smith, and Steve Schumacher. Heat Winners - Ryan Susice and Pete Bicknell.

INVESTOR’S SERVICES SPORTSMANJames Michael Friesen, Jesse Cotriss, Don Spatorico, Nate Reynolds, Boyd MacTavish, Scott George, Greg Martin, Mark Chiddy, Kevin Wills, Chris Burek, Allan Wills, Matt Farnham, James Henry, Mike Williams, Derrick Borkenhagen, Bobby Winters, Adam Hilton, Billy Coleman, Ed Cain, Jim Zimmerman, Brett Martin, Kenny Washburn, and Justin Sharp. Heat Winners – Don Spatorico, Nate Reynolds, and Chris Burek.

KI-PO CHEVROLET STREETSTOCKSAlex Morris, Pat Dell, Webb Nashwinter, Jesse Johnston, Jason Meyer, Brian Lonneville, Ryan Stephenson, Sean Letts, Kyle Wendt, Ricky Washburn, Mike Greenawalt, Cliff Gregg, Andrew Neiderhoffer, Neil Pafk, Randy Zimmerman, Jaren Israel, Ken Camidge, Cliff Brucker, and Donald Hermanson. Heat Winners – Pat Dell and Webb Nashwinter.

FINDITQUICK.COM FIREBALLS - Chris Leone, Patrick OKeefe, Jim Stone, Zack Sam, Chris Lederhouse, Ashley Harbinson, Dave Dussault, Jamie Woods, David Sheehan, Matt Hartsock, Anthony Hermanson, and Don Spillman Jr. Heat Winner – Zack Sam. GIPPSTER’S COLLISION 4 BANGERS – FEATURE FINISH – JOSE TORRES, Mike Hossfeld, Austin Susice, Jeff York, Corey OKeefe, Todd Edsall, Ryan Plante, Camille Fuller, Mike Pahl, Brian Monahan, Eugene Washburn, Mike Kramarz, Chris Miller, Howard Guthrie, Randy Chrysler Jr,, Zack Nash, Brendan OKeefe, Matt Foster, Craig Rabada, Paul Plante, Joey Zimmerman, Brett Rowles, BobbiLynn Spillman, Robert Berry, Brett Senek, Eric Tupper, Ken Washburn III, Kyle Sharkey, Al Lavendar III, and Don Moulden. Heat Winners – Jose Torres and Mike Pahl.