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April 8, 2013

Lutheran Basketball Association women's season winds down

Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Chapel finished the season in first place in the Lutheran Basketball Association’s women’s division, losing just once in its 14 games. St. Mary’s finished in second place, trailing Chapel by just one game.

St. Mary’s 64, St. Paul 27

Courtney Donovan led St. Mary’s in scoring with 17 points while Patrina Leo and Martha Amoretti both added 12 points. Casey Poklwaldt led St. Paul’s with 10 points.

Teachers 46, St. Mark 43

Amy Lesakowski netted 19 points for the winners while Shari Williams added a dozen, with Nicole McDonald scoring nine points. For St. Mark, Erin Strassburg scored 15 points while Liz Williams added 14 points.

Community Bible 4, Chapel 43

Melissa Kanally led Community Bible in scoring with 25 points while Kara Gustafson contributed with 16 points for the winners. Claire Battle led Chapel in scoring with 27 points.

Community Bible 45, St. Matthew 23

Katie Rowland led Community Bible in its victory with 17 points, while Janet Rowland led St. Matthew’s with nine points.

Chapel 44, St. Mary’s 22

Andrea Muszynski’s 16 points led all Chapel scorers while Claire Battyle and Fabienne Bain both scored 11 points. Martha Amoretti led St. Mary’s in scoring with nine points.

Holy Ghost/St. James 41, St. Matthew 39

Kelsey Walck led the victors with 14 points while Janelle Ventura added 11 points for Holy Ghost / St. James. Candis Kapuscinski led St. Matthew’s with 14 points.

St. Mark 62, Holy Ghost/St. James 61

Liz Williams’ 27-point performance led St. Mark to victory.  Erin Strassburg scored 18 points including five three-point shots. Hannah Crouch scored 10 points for the winners.  For Holy Ghost / St. James, Jessica Hastings hit six three-pointers and led her team with 18 points, while Sara Poreda added a dozen points.

Teachers 45, St. Paul 27

Amy Lesakowski led Teachers with 18 points while Nicole MacDonald added eight for the winners. Kari Seabert scored nine points for St. Paul, with Jen Schepis adding eight.

WOMEN’S LEAGUE FINAL STANDINGS:  Chapel 13-1, St. Mary’s 12-2, Community Bible 8-6, St Mark 7-7, Teachers 7-7, Holy Ghost / St. James 6-8, St. Matthew 3-11, St. Paul 0-14.