Niagara Gazette

May 7, 2009

PET OF THE WEEK: #39263: Golden Retriever, Daisy

Spayed Female, 1.5 years. Special Applications being accepted.

Found as a stray. She came in very dirty and matted. Her collar was being held together with duct tape that had become stuck to her fur. A lot of her fur under her neck came off when removing the tape. She was happy-go-lucky while being groomed and enjoyed the attention. Shortly after arriving she began showing symptoms of the deadly parvo virus. She was successfully treated, for it was caught in its very early stages. Daisy was very patient during her extensive treatment. After gaining her strength she was ready for adoption. She was adopted and then returned almost 2 months later. The first several weeks she did very well with the new family as they worked with her on basic training which included learning to sit, shake hands, housebreaking, etc. She is 90% housebroken, hardly has any accidents. She is very playful and puppy-like. After several weeks some problems arose. She began “play biting” and jumping up at faces. The family began to focus on these issues during training. As time went on, the behavior grew worse. As the dog became more comfortable in the home she began to see herself as higher in the “pack” than 5 year old child and began to knock him down. When she was corrected she would become defiant and often growl and show her teeth. Her mouthing was now becoming scary and it hurt!! She then began to work her way up in the pack “hierarchy” and saw herself as above the young boy and the wife. Slowly moving up, this now included the teenage boy. When she started to challenge the man of the house, who up until that time she had respected as the Alpha leader, her new family tearfully decided this dog could not remain with them. It was too much of a risk for the young child and she was not responding to their training efforts. Heartbroken, they returned her to the SPCA. She has good days and can be very sweet, but when she does not get her way she often resorts to showing her teeth and growling and snapping. Daisy is now 58 pounds, 4/24/09. She is very active. She will need a home with no cats, as she is too rough with them. She will need a home with no small children for she has a long road ahead of her to overcome her aggressive and dominate nature. She does not seem to mind female dogs that are older, but has growled and shown her teeth to younger male dogs. If you have a dog at home, you will be required to bring your dog to meet her before doing an adoption. The new family must fully understand the nature of her behavior and how serious it can be. The new family will be given literature regarding these “Alpha” issues but must also be willing to take her to professional training classes. We will be accepting applications and will choose the home we feel is best suited for this particular dogs issues. All members of the new family will have to be “on board”, be aware of her problems and be willing to work together and consistently to teach her to be a family member, not the leader of the family that she wants to be!!!

Niagara County SPCA

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