Niagara Gazette

November 1, 2013

GUEST VIEW: Time for a change in the Town of Lewiston

By Dennis Brochey
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Lewiston needs a new direction, new leadership and a different way for the town government to operate. As the Democratic candidate for Town of Lewiston supervisor, I represent a commitment to change and an end to the practices that have caused so many people in our town to lose fundamental trust and confidence in our town government.

Because of my love and respect for our community, I have devoted most of my spare time in trying to be an active member and volunteer for such groups as the Lewiston Community Lions Club, the Lewiston Kiwanis Club where I presently sit as a board member, Friends of the Lewiston Library and the Lower Niagara Moose Lodge.

For 10 years I have directed the Red Brick Bench Press Championships which has grown so large that we were forced to move it to the Connecticut Street Armory in Buffalo. This yearly fundraising event has raised over $94,000 for our U.S. troops and their families throughout Western New York. For the past two years I have been the chairman of the Kiwanis Block of Dollars for Women and Children’s Hospital and for the last several years a committee member of the Dave Q Memorial Bike Run with proceeds that have benefited local volunteer fire companies, Mercy Flight and Donate Life. In 2014 I will be serving as co-chairman of the 2014 Lewiston Peach Festival.

I will run the Town of Lewiston as a business. My personal accountant classified me years ago as being frugal and I will run Lewiston the same way. No more over-spending and stricter accountability. At the same time I will make sure the residents of the Town of Lewiston receive the great service that they have expected from our recreation, highway and water/sewer depts.

I will work to make every Lewiston resident safe in their homes and on our streets with adequate support given to our assets, the police and fire companies. As I have as a member of the Village of Lewiston Board of Trustees, I will continue to pressure Artpark to assume greater responsibility for police services for events. It’s a matter of fairness. Our town residents should not have to subsidize Artpark events producing substantial revenue.

Sanborn, Colonial Village, parts of Ransomville and of course the Village of Lewiston are all part of the Town of Lewiston and must be treated equally and fairly. Our area has great local heritage museums, historical societies, arts and garden clubs, libraries, senior centers and we must never forget them as being assets to our community.

There are 14 districts in the Town of Lewiston and I’ll be asking for a volunteer representative from each district to be a strong voice for others to communicate within his/hers district. This representative will contact me to inform me of the logical needs of others in their area and hopefully a closer working relationship.

There are several long standing issues in the town that should be remedied before working on any new projects. Riverwalk area has been waiting since 2007 for a fix to their standing water issue. Six years and only simple plans without a fix. When the Lewiston Town Board pushed for a $9.3 million dollar recreation center, I publicly voiced my concerns and raised questions about the finances of this project. Lewiston voters overwhelmingly rejected the town board’s plan soon afterward. Too much time has been spent on other failed projects and not enough time spent on fixing present problems. Some new smaller problems can be fixed easily and right away but I say “no” to any large projects that’s going to take too much time and money away from fixing older exiting issues.

There are many other plans and ideas that I will share and work on later as your new Town of Lewiston supervisor and it is my goal to be what you all expect as an elected official, to be honest, open, transparent and accessible to all.

Dennis J. Brochey is a candidate for Lewiston town supervisor.

Dennis J. Brochey is a candidate for Lewiston town supervisor.