Niagara Gazette

August 3, 2013

COPS NOTEBOOK: Morality lesson or bad luck?

By Rick Pfeiffer
Niagara Gazette

Maybe it’s a morality lesson or maybe it was just bad luck.

Either way, a 26-year-old Falls man will have to replace all four tires on his Ford F-150 pick-up truck after an incident of criminal mischief that was apparently triggered by some questionable bedroom behavior.

The victim told police he discovered all fire tires on his truck had been slashed at around 7 p.m. on July 24. The crime took place in the 2400 block of Mackenna Avenue and the victim knew exactly who the culprit was. 

According to the police report, the victim and the suspect had a close encounter of the very worst kind a short time earlier that day. The victim told officers the suspect had “caught him in bed with his wife at their house.”

The police report estimates the value of the tires at $1,400.

Seems to me if the victim was looking to have a little fun, Fantasy Island would have probably been a whole lot cheaper.


The beat goes on

I understand that sometimes, when you’re jamming to really good tunes in the car, you don’t want to turn the radio down, much less off.

You want to sit in the vehicle and rock out to the beats. But listen up folks, if you leave the car, it really is better to kill the sound and take the keys.

If you need proof of the value of that advice, check with the 25-year-old man who made a quick stop, while driving his girlfriend’s 2008 Toyota, in the 500 block of Memorial Parkway on July 10. 

The victim told police he was listening to music, but realized he had left his phone in an apartment there and went to retrieve it. Bet you can guess the rest of this story.

When the victim returned to the street, his girlfriend’s car, with the music, had disappeared.
Wonder just how he explained that one to his significant other.


Up the ranks

Kudos to some guys moving up the ranks at the Niagara County Jail (or, as they officially call it, the County Correctional Facility).

Capt. Kevin Payne is the new chief jail administrator. A 25-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, Payne started as a part-time corrections officer and has been part of the jailhouse brass since 1996.
Sgt. Aaron Livergood slides into Payne’s vacant captain’s spot. He’s a 12-year veteran in the sheriff’s office.

Another 12-year vet, acting Sgt. David Weaver is now a full time sergeant. Jonathan Wilt, a 9-year member of the sheriff’s office, is now an acting sergeant.
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