Niagara Gazette

January 16, 2014

Falls library hosting family learning series

Staff reports
Night & Day

Night & Day — The Niagara Falls Public Library is hosting a series of programs through Young Audiences of Western New York as part of the Art Partners for Learning Initiative. 

Through several different topics, the series’ goal is provide better access to artists and arts organizations for local youth.

All programs are family friendly and geared toward young people. They will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturdays in the children’s room at the main library, 1425 Main St. Niagara Falls.

Coming up:

SATURDAY: Le Ballet Touba — Robin Hibbert and Alassane Saar of Le Ballet Touba present this rousing performance of African Music and Dance.  Robin’s interactive workshop will demonstrate how music and dance became a vital tool for cultural preservation, pride, and resilience during the era of slavery.  Participants will be introduced to a traditional West African dance called the Korteba and will have the opportunity to get on their feet and dance along.

JAN. 25: Explore & More Children’s Museum, States of Matter (Meeting Room) — States of Matter is an hour-long presentation combining discussion and demonstration. It starts with a dialogue on what stuff is made of, and an activity constructing molecules from atoms. This is followed by an illustrated lecture on the three states of matter, with demonstrations showed evaporation and sublimation. The variations in molecular arrangements are shown by arranging the students themselves, and this is followed by the popular “collapsing can” demonstration. Finally there is a discussion of the weights of different molecules, creating carbon dioxide and showing that it is heavier than the regular mix of air. A final summary will reinforce what has been covered.

FEB. 1: Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Inc., Speaking Shakespeare — This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’s text using the Staircase of Complexity. We will delve into the historical and cultural context in which William Shakespeare’s works were written using Knowledge in the Disciplines.  Speaking Shakespeare will examine Shakespeare’s words by engaging in rich evidence based conversations about the text.

FEB. 8: Buffalo Architecture Foundation, Inc., Education Through Architecture — The program teaches New York state core curriculum subjects, such as math, science, history, language arts, technology and art through the lens of architecture. Volunteer architects and classroom teachers work together to create a series of lessons /activities that teach a required subject area.  Almost all of the activities are hands-on and encourage visual and practical learning.